If you're new to CrossFit, we'll enroll you in our On-Ramp program. Here's how it works. You'll participate in CrossFit group classes with other gym members but will have a separate On-Ramp coach to guide you through the day's skills. You'll stay with the On-Ramp coach until you've completed a check-list of skills, after which you'll be free to sign up for any class listed on our schedule. Completing the skills usually takes between 10-15 classes, depending on your previous level of athletic experience.

On-Ramp Class Times

​(Please sign up in advance -- we limited the On-Ramp to 5 people per class so you're sure to get lots of one-on-one attention!)
Additional option Tuesday & Thursday:
On-Ramp Introductory Package: $150 (2 months included)
​Your first two months will be covered under our Introductory package. The class count during those two months is unlimited, so you may train as often as you'd like during On-Ramp class offerings.

On-Ramp Sign Up


NEW OFFER! Upon completion of your On-Ramp program, TWU's Pioneer Performance Clinic offers new CFD members a free DXA scan, which measures one's body fat, muscle composition, and bone mineral density.

On-Ramp Schedule

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